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Triple threat dry bait cures are formulated to strategically promote instinctive strikes from salmon and steelhead. This powder has specially designed attractants that launch salmon and steelheads olfactory senses into attack mode!

Whats the Differences in Cures?

Deadly Bait Cure

Deadly Bait CureDeadly Bait Cure has a different mystery powder scheme than our other cures. Deadly is borax based, has a mild amount of anti molding agents and really shines when fishing heavy pressured waters as this settle cure doesn’t spook fish. Works terrific under a bobber as it’s a heavy milker.


Secret Cure has been formulated for guys that parade around acting like number one draft picks. You have had a rough day on the water putting on a clinic, now sitting in your chair getting your ego stroked by your gal pal rubbing on your shoulders bragging it up to her and pals on the phone about your secret cure. Well look no FURTHER, the SECRET IS OUT!

Deadly Bait Cure

Rapid Bait CureRapid (my favorite), original number one, is a “hot” cure that Chinook really love. This cure is sulfite based, has lots of bait enhancements and bite stimulants that specifically target all five salmon species as well as steelhead.

The Rapid Bait Cure was formulated to create tough baits that can handle fast currents. They work awesome drift fishing, back bouncing and work fantastic under a bobber especially in tide water areas. This is a slow milking cure.

Rapid cure VERY diverse as it also has flavors and powders that accompany the oily fresh Sardines harvested last week from processing plant

Cures are available in both Deadly and Rapid Formulas! $12 each

True Orange $12 each

DARK $12 each

Deadly is a “sweet treat” for lock jaw Coho and finicky Steelhead.!!

Forever Red $12 each

Are you an old timer that misses the purplish stains and hues on your diamond plate flooring in the boat, finger tips, and counter tops? Well... look no FURTHER!
You READY for the NEW and improved FOREVER RED

Real Red $12 each

ORIGINAL Rapid is back for the attack and it means business. Tripled everything and even powders. TRIPLE THREAT doesn’t charge more for TRIPLE the amount!!
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