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Triple Threat Herring Cure

Things You need for Herring Cure

Place the 2/3rd cup of Herring Cure in quart jar that already has clean purified water.

Next, by using a nice dependable blade strategically get your herrings belly towards you and now focus on how your roll is going to be, as now we’ve employed the hands down best hook ups come from a 45 degree by 45 degree cut. First, hold herring and rotate blade towards gill plate at 45 degrees. Now, with knife in same position turn blade 45 degrees laying towards gill plate... once position make clean cut towards the body.

Try to stay away from anything sharp towards the soft belly as you gently clean... after we get a good 8 blue label herring herring that are clean and plug cut it takes a dip.

We prefer to leave in brine at room temperature for 8-12 hours so the goodies break down more effectively. Finally, slam it in the fridge.

In jar they can last a few short weeks as this cure toughens ‘em nicely.

I’ve taken out... vacuum seal in trays and last for a few months. Ultimately up to you!

Finished cured herring

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